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About me

Hello and welcome!

As you might have understood by now, my name is Xavier. I'm not spanish (nor am I catalan) but french. I indeed lived most of my adult life in Paris (about 15 years) although I grew up in Fougères, a small town in Brittany. I've later on moved to London where I spent over 3 years and I've recently decided to settle in sunny Barcelona.

Drawing was something I really enjoyed as a kid and that lead me to join an Art school in Paris after I graduated from high school, originally with the idea of drawing comics. But I discovered graphic design and got the opportunity to do a couple of internships in advertising agencies (2 at Leo Burnett and 1 at Mc Cann Momentum) which eventually landed me a Junior Art Director position (McCann momentum). Afterwards I made the decision to pursue my career as a freelance graphic designer.

Whilst working as a graphic designer, my taste for beautiful images and my desire to produce myself the kind of pictures I'd be using in my layouts also lead me to learn photography, which I've also carried out as a professional activity for over a decade now.

These may seem like 2 very different fields, usually not worked on by the same person, I reckon however that these complement and interconnect very much each other, if not to say that they can't be dissociated. Working on both sides thus allows me to offer a wider and more diversified array of services. You may or may not have an interest nor a need for these different skills but feel free to have a look at both my portfolios anyway. It is said that the best way to get to know a new city is to get lost in it, so I encourage you to do the same here. 

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